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Thanks to kju, now I'm here.

I think I have come to love 3WA even more than I did Hissyfit, but it took me a long time to warm to it, actually. But I do miss some of the snark, I think H'fit was snarkier. We should have some kind of Weekly Snark Topic or something on this page.

I've met a bunch of Hissyfitters, we had a Hissycon in London when I was still living in Europe. Some of them are now 3WAers...Sunclytie, Joy, eefah, pinklady (I think that was her handle, her name was Jacyn)...there must have been more. And of course Euromutt, to whom I'm not married, but then I'm the one who introduced him to Hissyfit.

I must go wade through those archives sometime!
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I thought 3 Way Action was shutting down?
howdy *waves*
I mean I'm NOW married to Euromutt. Not "not." Cheese, what a typo.

Heee! Hi! 'pinklady' was my handle! What's new?